Monday, August 3, 2015

Smile Moment


So i would like to start this letter off with a smile moment I had this week. It was more of a cry in the moment and smile later. So on Friday it was any normal missionary day and I was getting ready for the day. I had 5 minutes left until I needed to be at my desk for personal study. I was finishing up my last couple of curls. 

Sister Chaipinit accidentally unplugged the iron so I quickly plugged it back in. The outlets here are wack and we have to use converters. R.I.P. to all of our blow driers and 2 flat irons. The converters have already killed them. So I plugged in my curling iron and I wrapped my hair around the rod and then pulled the rod out like I would any other curl. But this time when I pulled the rod out I was shocked what was on the rod. MY HAIR! And then it began to smell like smoke and my hair was sizzling. Haha the converter made the iron get super hot in like 2 seconds. Imagine the hair tutorial of that girl whose hair burnt off. YUP, that was pretty much Sister Jacobsen. I had the same reaction and the entire flat was hysterical. I'll send pics to prove it. 

Anyways. Now I want to let everyone know how happy I am. EBONY IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK. I am so excited for her and how ready she is to make these covenants with the Lord. We've been going over everything that she has questions about and she is rock solid with her answers. She's a little nervous about the interview but we know she will pass it with flying colors. It is this next friday. Her baptism is next Sunday. Oh did I mention Sister Chaipinit and I have to sing at it. She asked us to sing and I said no but then she asked me again and I couldn't say no. I just felt so guilty. We also found 3 new investigators this week. They are so keen and we had some very spiritual experiences with them. We also had soup Sunday at church. Basically it's a big thanksgiving to break the fast with the ward after church. It was so fun. I've been teaching Sister Chaipinit more english this week. It was so funny, this week she wanted to order fries. But she couldn't pronounce the R so she kept accidentally saying flies. My favorite part about this week was last night. We had the opportunity to bring Ebony to a Recent Convert Fireside that they put on each month. Wow it was amazing. There were 9 speakers people who shared their conversion stories. There were 2 musical numbers. The people here in Australia are so gifted in music. There are a lot of Tongans/Somoans so their voices sound like angels. They brought the guitar up and they harmonized and it was brilliant. At the end the stake president got up and talked a little bit about how we can liken prayers to phone calls. We have to pray with a sincere heart and real intent. We can't pray hoping the call goes to voicemail. God has caller ID. He knows who is calling him. We are on his favorites. He has special ring tones for us. He knows us all personally and individually. A phone call involves 2 people being on both lines of the phone. It cannot be one way communication it has to be two way communication. Receiving answers to our prayers comes in different ways. Sometimes we will get a vibration or the phone will ring really loud or it will be on silent. They work the same. But I realized prayer is much better than a phone call. We don't run out of credit and it is free of charge. Prayer is an opportunity to align our will with Gods. God is a real person on the other end of the phone! :) 

Well I have a lot more to say but I am trying to work on making my emails shorter and to the point! Love you all!
Sister Jacobsen


P.S. Look up Alma 13:28-29 and please go look up the Bible Dictionary's definition of Charity. I have become converted to the Bible Dictionary. It is so great!

This is how they say hello in Thailand. "SAW WATT DEE CAH"

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