Monday, August 24, 2015

Alofa Atu

Ok Big things happened this week! Ok first of all two of my investigators from Roseville, Michigan got baptized this week!!!!! SO happy for them. A piece of my heart will always be there. Their names are John and Danny. John is the one who threatened to call Prez Monson if I left lol. I love them both so much. 
Ok so we had transfers and all four of us are staying! I guess our bribing worked! But we also got a new flat mate! Her name is Sister Tau and she is from Tahiti!!! Also, I GOT A CAR! So on Sunday night, Sister Morgan certified me! It was dark and raining. Perfect weather conditions. But I passed! I was really nervous so we said a prayer before we walked to the car and then I got in the car and drove 2 inches and was still nervous so then Sister Chaipinit said another prayer and after that prayer I felt super confident! It's so weird, I feel like I was able to switch over fast! I reckon I might even be a better driver than I was in America. Tongan exchanges were so cool! I learned some tongan! Alofa Atu means i love you and I also learned "Malo apuito, ma'u me' a fokoni coma coma" which means thank you so much but I am so so full because tongans eat HEAPS! Seriously they do. Ok I had such a cool miracle this week. Remember how I told you how I fasted last sunday. Well the husband of the family that we fasted for was released from the detention center! The mum called us on Wednesday and said, "I have great news!!!" We couldn't wait to hear what she was going to say, " She just said thank you so many times and then she said that her husband was being released!" Their entire family came to church on sunday and we sat with them and that day definitely went into my journal. It was the best! Ok I just want to share one scripture that I liked this week! It's John 6:35. it made me think of the questions "How important is it to eat in this life? What would happen to us if we didnt? I related that to spiritual hunger and how Jesus Christ is what keeps us alive. My study was a lot deeper than can be portrayed in this email but my challenge to you is to study it for yourselves :) I will send pics to describe the rest of my week! :) Love you all heaps!


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