Monday, August 10, 2015

Best Week Ever!


Best. Week. Ever. I am going to prioritize this email. Starting with Ebony was baptized! It was soooo amazing! She wore all white and my favorite part was when she came into the bathroom and we got to help her change and she said to me,"I can't stop smiling, i feel so clean." I just gave here a huge hug right then and there. I didn't care if i got wet at all haha. Not going to lie, i thought that baptisms were supposed to be all smiles and a huge overload of the spirit. It was so stressful! I was basically like Ebony's mom and everyone looked to me and my comp expecting us to know the answers to everything. But i can't complain because there were tons of smiles and the spirit was so strong! (Plus Sister Chaipinit and i challenged the Relief Society with deserts and our brownies were the bomb, they were gone super fast) Ebony bore her testimony at the end and i wish i could have recorded it, i was so proud of her! I can't wait to keep teaching her and to help her on this journey! I bought an infinity necklace for her so that she will remember this promise she made with her Heavenly Father and so she will know it is forever. She put it on right away! <3 

Ok moving on, I also got to see David Archuletta and Sister Dalton this week! There is this amazing thing called Time Out For Women and the sister missionaries were allowed to go if they brought somebody with them. So we brought a busload of less actives haha. Seriously though we brought five and it was so fun! We went to Sydney for the conference. It was at Olympic park. I saw Brad Wilcox, Sandra Turley, The women who wrote President Monson's biography, David Archuletta and some other people! It was soooo much fun! David Archuletta signed my planner haha. Side note, Sister Chaipinit has a huge crush on David. Sister Betham was like im going to get him to sign my Scriptures and Sister Chaipinit was like, i'm going to get him to sign my temple recommend. I was dying. They we ran into Sister Dalton. She saw Sister Chaipinit and i and said, "My Girls!" 
We got to talk with her for a bit it was so fun. She really does radiate with light! When we took a picture with her she whispered into my ear, "I'm so proud of you." THAT MADE MY DAY! She talked about how we are not ordinary, we are special, we are elect. She is so right! She also talked about how the 10 commandments weren't the 10 suggestions, they are the ten commandments haha. There were so many moments where i received personal revelation. It was great. 

Ok other than that we saw the thai lady again! She is so cool! Also, we have a super keen investigator named Sella. I'm pretty sure she will be getting baptized within the next month or so! We love our flat  so much. We are pretty close with President so we "bribed" him with 10 dollars to keep us all together for the next transfer haha. This week i learned how important planning is. I love the quote "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" OK i love yous all! they say "yous" in Australia! Have a great week!


P.s. Sister Chaipinit sleeplaughs.
P.P.S. there are a lot of cuss words in america that aren't cuss words in Australia. Let's just say the bishop has cusses multiple times haha.

P.P.P.S. Women, look up D&C 25 and substitute your name in! Also, look up Alma 36:6-7 Math 25:4 Proverbs 17:22 

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