Monday, November 30, 2015


So i want to talk about one of my favourite(they spell it like that here) experiences this week.So for the past 2 months we have been going over to a less-actives home almost every single day. She wouldn't answer and she had just recently gone less-active. She actually helped fellowship one of our investigators that was baptised. Any ways, last night we were going to go back to the flat for language study but i felt like we should go try again. Again no answer. She lives in a flat, so we can see her balcony so we pulled a Romeo and Juliet. I picked up the little seed pebble things at my feet and started throwing them at her door. I was desperate. After a few minutes we had a good laugh and walked back to the car. But then... She came out to the balcany and yelled, come in! We were so excited! We went in and had one of the most spiritual lessons. She cried, I cried, my companion cried. For some reason we all just cried. I blame it on the spirit. She opened up to us about everything. We were able to help her and give her love and support. I find it interesting how most of the time when things get rough, latter day saints turn away from the gospel, they say just give me a couple of months off. That is exactly the opposite of what we are supposed to do. We need to embrace the gospel. I know that it is a lot easier said than done, but when the rough patch is over and latter-day saints come back, they go ahh i knew the answer the whole time. That answer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Ok quick funny story, We had some great investigators at Church yesterday! Emma sat next to me. It was so funny because when we were taking the Sacrament she leans over and whispers to me, is there any point to taking it if i'm not baptized? I explained to her the significance of the sacrament after baptism. Then our other investigator actually asked Emma the same question and it was so cool to hear Emma explain to Destiny the importance of the Sacrament. Emma then said, " But i'm going to take it because i'm sorta hungry." Haha she makes me laugh! She is getting a priesthood blessing this Tuesday to help her with the Word of Wisdom! She is on date for the 26 of December! Boxing day! 

I had another spiritual experience this week. I have been reading in 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon and almost every morning i've been brought to tears. I am constantly getting a burning feeling in my heart that the Book of Mormon is true! I love it! 

Also, I've been asking God a lot "what is keeping me from progressing?" It's interesting how specific answers i get. My answer was you need to increase your faith. I then asked him how i could increase my faith and the NEXT  day my mission president taked about increasing our faith at Zone Conference! He really does answer our prayers!

In other news, we got locked out of our flat this week but we both still had our keys, it's a long story. We went to another Stake Christmas party with some investigators! It was a great week! Love you all!



Monday, November 23, 2015

It is Hot

Australian Updates: This week we hit 42 C which is 114 F in America. It. was. hot. But on the bright side (it was too bright) everyone offered us ice blocks (Popsicles) and whenever it is raining or super hot people feel bad for you so they let you in! 

Jonah Lomu died! I guess he is a really well-know Rugby player. He is actually LDS and is related to the Simpsons in our ward! 

Smile moments: This week we had a lesson with a family we are teaching and we found out that they are still praying to the Hindu Gods. It was heart-breaking. They want to be baptized, but they need to be truly converted. There has been a lot of concerns that we have had to tackle with this family. So it was kind of a sad lesson but at the end of the lesson when i went to pick up my bag i realized that little baby hendry pooped on my bag. It made me laugh! Also i ate bones this week! The members in the home did it so i didn't want to be rude.

This week was great because i decided to do a spiritual evaluation this morning. I looked at how i had grown just within this last week and wow my mind was blown. I want to share a couple of things i learned. So i realized that we come to earth to progress.We couldn't progress any more in the pre-earth life. I believe we were put into our unique families to learn from each one of them and to ultimately help us to progress. I know Lauren is my Sister because i need to learn something from her to progress and i need to learn something from Nate to progress and Mum and Dad and Brad. I don't know if this is making sense to anyone, but we don't just stumble across the people in our life for no reason. Every one is a part of the plan. Everyone has something to offer to your life. Whether it be good or bad. 

Ok also, we have been doing a lot of Object lessons. I want to share one. We will be going on an imaginary plane ride. Passengers, please fasten your seat belts. Ok you pretend like you just took off. Passengers our right wing has just blown out... stay calm. Passengers, our left wing has just blown out.. stay calm. Passengers we will be crashing. We have assembled an emergency package where we will put letters for your loved ones. You have 2 minutes to write a letter. 

So i went through this experience. I wrote my letter to the ones i cared about and loved. They collected my letter and they then related it to how in the scriptures these prophets wrote their last words for us. Then the Pilot ripped up our letters right in front of us. My heart hurt! The pilot could tell i was upset. But i realized that is like when we don't read the scriptures. Do we really cherrish the scriptures? 

Sorry i am so rushed, the computer is shutting off! I love you all!


p.S. Look up Jer 1:8 and Joshua 1:9

If you want to be happy, BE -Tolstoy

She understood who she was and whose she was -Elaine Dalton

The spirit speaks to us everyday, we just need to listen!

Monday, November 16, 2015

I am Staying

Quick email! I am staying in the pool with Sister Teriihaunui! Investigators are great. This transfer is going to be one full of miracles. With prayer and fasting i am sure of it! I will just send a couple of pics this week and i will be sure to update everyone next week!

Any time we experience the blessings of the atonement in our lives, we cannot help but have a concern for the welfare of others! 

p.s. Also i gave my first training this week on the Book of Mormon! I felt complete peace while training and i just love The Book of Mormon so much! Also went to the first of many Christmas dinners. When i say they start early for christmas i mean they start really really early! 

Monday, November 9, 2015


My Dearest Family and Friends,

The weeks get better and better.

Australian updates: So to explain the caption, this week was 7/11 in Australia because they put the day before the month. So what does that mean?? FREE SLURPEES AT 7/11 the petrol station! Unfortunately, I did not realize until after planning. Our flatmates showed us their 7/11 cups haha. A couple updates about the Australian culture: Christmas decorations went up at the beginning of October. Like full on decorations in the malls. It is so fun. Halloween and Thanksgiving don't even exist. Also, the entire front yard of someone's home is a parking spot. Everyone just pulls onto each others front gardens (lawns) It is really fun. I do it myself. Also everyone has the letter P on their cars because it takes them like 3 years to get their full license and they have to wear a P on their car until they get their full license. By the way, I drive better in Australia than in America. JOKES. Also, I read the Book of Mormon with my buddy Joey the kangaroo this week and Kyle the Koala bear listened too. I've learned heaps of slang here. The food really is different, mostly because the flavors are different. Also, it's summer here and HOT but the weather has so many mood swings. It rained a ton this week and there was lighting and thunder and then the next day it will be burning hot!

Smile Moment: I will just pick one! Sister Allen came to church this week! Finally! She is less-active! But she brought her a glass bottle that said "BEER" on it with her and drank it throughout church! It was ginger beer so no dramas. (they say no dramas here rather than no worries)

Companion is great!  I am now learning some French and Tahitian.

Languages learned:

Gangsta: CHECK
FRENCH: Still in progress
TAHITION: Still in progress

Ok and now onto my favorite part.

Update on Liverpool 1st area: The pool is great and transfers are next week which really scares me because my work here isn't done! I know these investigators and these people so well and this week i found out so many of their concerns and i know how to help them! Ok lets start with Emma! She went to the Relief Society camp this week and she is so well fellowshipped. We don't even have to worry about people saying hi to her or welcoming her. She texted us after and told us how much she enjoyed camp! Church activities are such great missionary opportunities. Then she rocked up to church with her entire family! She now regularly plans on coming to church. She really likes the feeling at church AKA THE SPIRIT! Her EX-Partner even came. Emma is a sincere investigator. She progresses every time we meet with her. It is small progression, but progression in deed. Everyone knows she will be baptized, it's just a matter of when. She is currently praying about a day. She struggles with prayer so we are trying to help[ her overcome some of the obstacles Satan tempts her with. But she is doing really well. We get to see her 3 times a week! Also, Emma stated off with no belief in God. Now her daughter Ebony is baptized and her twins know what prayer is. She is the one that makes Ebony come to church now. This is what the gospel is all about. It changes lives. It has changes this families life.

Ok update with the Sureskumar family. So they are here! They've torn my heart in a million different directions but i still love them beyond what words can describe. We finally received some answers. They were at the airport and all ready to go and to move but the immigration department called and told them that they weren't supposed to leave. Chitra was very frustrated and she feels she doesn't have any control over the situation. They are still moving but just waiting to hear when. They meet with the immigration department on a regular basis trying to figure things out, but Chitra now thinks they will be staying for a few more months. But then we asked why they hadn't told us earlier before their baptism and that's where the answers really came. Chitra bore her testimony. She knows the Book of Mormon is True and she loves God so much. She said that she knows Baptism is a big deal and that she is scared. She wants her whole family to be baptized as well. She knows that God wants her to be baptized. They are currently praying about a specific day to be baptized, and we are working to get the entire family baptized. All 6 of them! So things are good. Salvation never comes cheap.

Nicholas came to church as well! We have two African investigators right now and they are legit. They ask so many questions! Nicholas is well fellowshipped as well. We've had a couple of lessons in members homes which is THE BEST! He is praying about a date as well. He is still struggling with the whole "I was already baptized, why do i need to be baptized again?" concern. But don't worry we will tackle it!

Other than that we are working with some part member families! Our less-actives brought some of our Investigators to church this week! This Sunday was one of my favorites on the mission! It was the primary presentation. Imagine cute little Children singing in Australian accents. I've become so use to the accents that i don't really notice them anymore, but at church i realized that these little kids were singing in Aussie accents and how precious they were! Almost all of the less-actives we've been working with came to church this week! THANK YOU PRIMARY PRESENTATION! My heart was just so full. We also had a musical fireside. Sister Atkinson sang! This week on trade-offs she came with us to our lessons. It was a really good day and we taught 7 lessons and we made her sing in every single one of them! Ok i have to go! But those are the mains! Pray that i won't get transferred and that i will keep swimming in the pool! The Game is on and the work is great.

Also, one thing i learned this week. "You cannot expect an investigator to progress if you aren't progressing yourself." We can apply this to any relationship. Look at yourself first. Once we see the divinity in ourselves, we can see it in others. Also a couple great scriptures on prayer. Mattew 7:P7-8 and 3 Nephi 18:20. I challenge you to say a vocal personal prayer this week. There is power to vocal prayers.



Monday, November 2, 2015

Dont Have Time

I have no time this week because we are going to the zoo and I am sharing half of my computer time with my companion! But here are a couple quotes and pictures I wanted to leave with you! "If you saw everyone with their full potential, you would worship them."
"Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision" "Patience with family is love, Patience with others is respect, Patience with yourself is confidence." "You aren't born a winner. You aren't born a loser. You are born a chooser." THIS WEEK WAS GREAT AND I AM SO HAPPY HERE AND I LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!

PICS: I totally asked this man if I could do his hedging for him and he let me! Plus we get to come by next week to share a message with him! 
This is what my companion did to comfort me when I was crying about the sureskumar family moving! She is so sweet! 
Trunk of treat! SO MUCH FUN!


P.s. look up alma 7:23-24

Also I bore my testimony yesterday in our ward and it is so rewarding to see how much my testimony has grown on my mission! I love being a missionary! I love Australia!