Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Detroit Michigan

Hello to my fellow gangstas,

So I am in Detroit!  I love it here.  So I need to tell you a few of my first impressions.  Honestly, everyone here is black and I love it!  I’m in Roseville and every house here has two doors.  So when we pray to know which houses to knock we also try to know which door to use.  It is so weird that there are two doors.  Also EVERY house has a dog.  No Exaggeration.  The average is three dogs.  I have seen 6+ dogs .  Dogs are scary.  So when I first was driving in the area, It looked like it was snowing because of the cotton.  It was everywhere and was all in the air and on top of the grass.

So on the plane I actually sat next to a nice man named Joe and I have him a Book of Mormon.  We read a little bit together! It was awesome!  Also, someone in First Class paid for all of our food.  It was so cool.  

We say prayers for everything.  Honestly everything!  It was weird at first but now its super helpful.  We have some awesome investigators! One has a baptismal date.  The hardest part is all the lessons we schedule that fall through.I feel like 9 out of 10 lessons we plan fall through.  Its easy to get discouraged because you just want them to accept the gospel soo badly.  But then you get insanely happy when you see their faith grow and you see that they can feel the spirit.  Life is good!  This missionary work is a good deal.  

So my companion’s name is Sister Wood.  She is my trainer.  She is a country girl from southern Utah.  She is always super sweet and super spiritual!  We are very different but I already love her so much!  So we have been running to the church every morning which has been a blessing.  

OK rewind to my first day.  My mission Presidents are awesome.  The first day we went tracking.  I was terrified to know my first day but it went great.  We tract every day all the time.  Lucky for us we have a car.  I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer.  God has answered so many of my prayers this week.  So one day we were teaching Claudia and Erika and we could tell Claudia want interested but during the closing prayerI actually prayed that Erika would say something.  Right after the prayer finished Erika asked a question and we ended up inviting her to do FHE and gave her our number.  It was awesome.  I have seen countless miracles this week.  Don’t worry grandma Jake, I am writing them all in my miracle book.  One day we taught Stephan and a Tashwan.  There is already been so many people that slam the door in our faces and reject us hard core.  One guy opened the door and said “my dog bites” and slammed the door.  I met a down syndrome boy named William that we get to teach.  He is my favorite.  

I never have enough time to study my scriptures on my own.  So my area is the most ghetto area the sisters are allowed to be assigned to.  I love it because the people are so humble.  I have no time!  I promise I will get better at sending emails.  I will  try and get the most important info next week.  But, I love you guys!


Sister Jacobsen

PS: Look up Matthew 11:28-30 and look up what yoke means.

PSS: Look up D&C 52:8.  It talks about my mission.  I wish I could stay in Roseville.  I love the people so much.  I hope I stay at least one more transfer.

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