Monday, March 7, 2016

the best defense is a good offense

I know I am the worst at keeping everyone updated. I just want everyone to know that I have not been eaten by kangaroos yet and the vegemite has not poisened me (I haven't even tried it yet). Ok so I am now in Villawood. We shotgunned the area so we started fresh. I reckon shotgunning is the ideal way to go because both my companion and I get to start on the same page together. Villawood is the BEST! We are in a Polynesian English speaking ward! My bishop's name is Bishop Quesada but I just call him Bishop Quesadilla because it is a funny joke that we have between each other! We speak mais o menos Spanish to each other. This probably sounds weird considering our ward is Polynesian but Bishop actually has a Chilean background.

My companions name is Sister Fafita! She is great, she recently was sick so we had to take her to the doctors. The doctors in Australia is really strange. It could just be a random house in a neighbourhood, but the one we went to was around a lot of shops. She is doing better now! But it was the FIRST time I was flat bound. OH I forgot to say that Sister Chaipinit, my trainer, joined our companionship for the last two weeks of her mission because President wanted to enjoy her last couple of weeks and it has been a DREAM to have her! I feel so lucky that I get to kill my trainer and that my daughter gets to be with her grandmother. Big family reunions happening here in Australia! Ok so Pun and Brendon the first people we talked to in Villawood we are still working with! We love them and we are patiently working with them. Brendon says he gets a ward feeling in his heart when he prays everynight! He use to be atheist! We have an investigator names renee who SOOOO badly wwants to be baptized but her husband has to divorse his ex-wife so that they can get married. They don't have the money to pay for the divorse right now because they have 5 kids but they are saving up! Also, we received a keen refferal from one of the returned missionaries in our ward! She came to stake conference and she came to church again yesterday. She is really sincere and really searching. Yesterday we were talking and she told me, "Ï can feel something different about this church, when i went to another church i felt empty but here i can feel so much peace." Super cool experience. It was interesting because during relief society meeting i felt super prompted by the spirit. I just started using new scriptures because my other scriptures are Sooo worn out, but i carried my old scriptures to church yesterday. My whole heart is in these scriptures. I wish i could describe them better but every page of the Book of Mormon has parts of my testimony written on them. Anyways i felt prompted to give them to our investigator Samantha to use for one week. I turned to her and told her that i wanted her to have my scriptures to help her study. I could see how much this meant to her in her eyes. Yesterday she was supposed to come to hound dog (an event where missionaries and members come together to go and visit) with us at the temple but she stayed home so that she could study the scriptures all Sunday evening. 
Ok so quick spritual thought. This week we had zone conference and my STL companion and I gave a training! It was so much fun. We did a role play all about food and how important it is to follow up. I love this quote from PMG: Extending an invitation without following up is like beginning a journey without finishing it or buying a ticket to a concert without going into the theater. Without the completed action, the commitment is hollow. Then i learned heaps about prayer. Ok ask yourself this question, "When did Jesus Pray?" 

Jesus was always praying. He prayed on the morning before heading to Galilee. He prayed after healin gpeople. Before walking on water. Before peter called Jesus The Christ. He prayed before the transfiguration. He was ALWAYS praying. Here are just a few scriptures i loved about Jesus praying in the Bible. Luke 5:16, Matthew 14:23 Luke 9:18 Matthew 19:13-15 (when he blessed the children) John 17:1-26 Luke 23:34 (when he died on the cross). Now ask yourself this question. If Jesus couldn't live this life without talking to our Heavenly Father, do you really think we could? I know that we can't. My FAVORITE scripture about Jesus praying is found in 3 Nephi chapter 17. I know that when we take care of the Lord's time, he will take care of our time. President Back layed out the time for me. As a Sister Missionary, i oly have 4,215 hours to serve him as a full time misisonary. That is only 547.5 days. I want to stand blameless before God at the last day and hear him say "This is my missionary through and through". I love my Heavenly Father so much. I am learning to Love him more than anything else. I love you all heaps!!! 

Sister JAKE

P.s. Mum can you send everyone the pictures? Love you XOXO

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