Monday, March 21, 2016

Sister Sekaboeseni

That is my Tongan name. They call me Sister Sekaboeseni. Or sister Kolipoki. 

Well this week was off the charts! To start it off the Tipiwais were baptized! Such a special day! I gave a talk on baptism and i talked about their favorite shampoo which happens to be Macaroon Oil shampoo. I started crying when Sister Tipiwai gave her talk. She is the one who first started coming to church. So this entire family was inactive. But she is the first one who started to come back! She is amazing. So much work has been put into this family, and i feel so blessed to be apart of it. It was the sweetest thing. When Sister Fifita and I pulled up to the chapel, right when i opened the door all the kids started screaming SISTER JACOBSEN! I wanted to start crying right then and there. It felt so good to be back at my old chapel with the people that i love so much. President and Sister Back came as well!  Next month Lyric and hopefully Kylee will be getting baptized so i will be back soon! :) Also Emma and I still keep in touch and she tried so hard to go to the baptism but she had her Dad's birthday! But she emails me and tells me that her Book of Mormon reading is going great! 

We also went to the temple this week! We ran into an American couple and they told me some shocking news! They told me that i had the accent! But i am pretty sure that all the accents are just gettting mixed together and they couldn't tell because i am pretty sure that i still don't have one! 

I also got bit by a dog. It was really funny and don't worry mum it didn't hurt. I just had red marks, there was no blood! Missionaries usually have all these crazy dog stories but this is my first one!

This week i saw so many of the people that we are working with Life's change. One of our less actives gave us a ring and said i am giving the church up. We ended up going over to visit him and got him started on his Family History the next day. Then the following day we come over and he is deep cleaning his car. We say, Barry what are you doing? Barry said Ï AM GIVING UP SMOKING". It was soo cool! We took all his cigarrettes from him and he crushed one up in front of our faces!

Also ahhh SAMANTHA! So much to update on Samantha. She is amazing. This week in her closing prayer she said, Ï know it is true, i can see it." She has totally changed. She texted us and asked us how she can keep the sabbath day more holy? Samantha came to church again this week. Super sad news is that she has to move to the city which is in the North mission because that is where she could find cheap housing. But on sunday she half jokingly asked if she could be baptized on sunday! She is for sure getting baptized! She prayed on Saturday about which day! She is so excited and asked if Brother Bruce would baptize her! She will probably be baptized this coming Saturday or the next! It's really cool to see how her conversion has taken place. She is constantly talking about the spirit. I testify that the spirit truly is the real teacher. 

So much happened this week but other than that i had my first hungry Jacks and went on trade-offs with the tongan sisters. I went on Trade off's with Sister Sanft. On friday night i asked her, "So let's talk about exercise tomorrow."(Sister Sanft has a hard time with the mornings) and she looks at me with a smile and pauses for a few seconds and then says ... Ï'm not running Kolipoki."It was so funny! BUT GUESS WHO WOKE UP ON TIME AND RAN WITH ME? That amazing sister!!! 

I have to go! BUT I LOVE YOU ALL!!

-Sister Jake

P.s. Mum can you send all the pictures??

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