Monday, February 15, 2016

Sister Kolipoki

I am here in Villawood! So many changes in the last week it has been unreal. Heavenly Father has really blessed me with a peaceful heart this entire week. He really does love us and I testify that Jesus Christ lives. So at the request of my loving parents I am going to try my best to update you on everything! So Villawood is not far from the pool so it is very similar, BUT it's quieter and more peaceful. Probably because we don't live next to the major mall like Liverpool. My companion came straight from the MTC and her name is Sister Fifita. I have accidentally called her "Sister Fahita" numerous times but all is well because she has a great sense of humor which is HEAVEN SENT. I laugh too much and It is more fun when you have someone to laugh with you! She is full tongan and she is from New Zealand. We went grocery shopping and right when we walked in she busted out in dancing to the music that was playing. I laughed so hard and then i was like that's a no no haha. It was hard to leave the pool, but again my heart has just been full of so much peace. On Tuesday i went to the mission home and all the trainers had dinner and we had a big spiritual party. We talked about the work and how we could help these new missionaries to love this sacred calling as much as we do. Then we ate and talked and Sister Back made homemade cookies! These were the first homemade cookies I have had apart from the ones the Johnsons sent me from America haha. Then the next day we met the new missionaries and I took one home! (which I hadn't been to yet haha) So i decided that on our way back to the flat that i was going to have her drop her bags off and then take her tracting without even looking at the area because i wanted her to let go of all her fears and help her to know that we are here to work hard. Guess what? THE FIRST person we talked to ended up becoming a new investigator, he came to church and he has a goal of being baptized the second week of march! MIRACLES! We have had so many lessons in the past 4 days and we are getting to know everyone really well! We went to church yesterday and THE ENTIRE WARD IS POLYNESIAN! I counted 3 other "Palangis". Dreams really do come true. I love Polynesians because they are always so happy. Plus they just laugh and care about the things that really matter. Also, my flatmates are tongan. So America has definitely been defeated and I am officially tongan now. Hence Sister Kolipoki. I see miracles everyday. EVERY. DAY. There was heaps that happened last week too but I can sum it up with ice skating, finding our investigators son who ran away, 5:30 AM workout with bro tekere,miracles, miracles, and more miracles!

Shout out to BROOKE! Sister Carpenter is back to America and she served so so well! Love you so much Brooke! Thanks for being such a great example to me! 

Sister Jake

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