Monday, March 28, 2016


Everything is going great! So the highlight of this week was Shelby Lakisoe's baptism! So on the first day we got to Villawood we went out for visits with 2 RM's. We visited the Lakisoes who were Less-Active and we set a return appointment for FHE. Ever since then we have been going over every week for FHE and teaching them the gospel discussions! Shelby was going to turn 9 in 2 weeks so we had his baptism this week! It was super cool. They asked us to give talks and Sister Fifita gave an amazing talk! We made him a lollie Leigh. Other then that we did some hard core service. It was pretty much an extreme make-over. One of our investigators Pun finally agreed to let us help him clean the backyard! We took a group of people over and we picked up all the dog poo and cleaned the entire thing. It was too good. We have been exercising every morning at this super fun adventure park with our Bishop's wife each morning. She is so much fun! Too much to say, next week i will update you on everyone else! I just want to share a quick spiritual message!

Easter is great and is such a wonderful time to focus on our savior. What is the atonement? The process of "betterment". To make bad men good and good men better. 2,000 years ago Jesus said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect." We don't come to church each week because we are perfect, we go to take the sacrament because we are imperfect.  The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces and life can definitely be hard sometimes. Something that i love that my mission president sent out a couple of weeks ago is "We easily find what we look for and we are products of our past desires. "... He granteth unto men according to their desire" Alma 29:4 You are what you have desired and nothing more or nothing less. At least you know who to blame for what you have and where you are on the ladder of progression in life." I know that life can be hard but we are so lucky to have the gospel. The gospel blesses families and it brings ALL the happiness that we receive in our lives. I love the word WHY. why, why ,why? the answer is simple. Because you know your why. Because he is the why. I love you all! HAPPY EASTER. AND HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY MUM! I won't forget! Next week i will update you on the many Smile moments that have been occurring!


Sister Sekaboeseni 

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