Monday, October 19, 2015

Where does the time go?

Ok so here are a couple of updates on this week! Sorry i have no time!

We had interviews with President Back! I love him so much! We actually have interviews with Sister Back as well which i love! We get along great! Someone told me that i look like the younger version of Sister Back. Life made. Today we will be watching Meet the Mormons with Emma our investigator for P-day! (my first time seeing it) Emma came to church with her twins yesterday! It was a huge step. Also, Deborah is back! So church was great because  Deborah was sitting to my left and Emma was sitting to my right, and Ebony gave her first talk on Sunday! She killed it!

Soo the Sureskumar family's baptism is this Saturday! We have their program and everything ready! The only thing is they might have to move before their baptism. Since they are immigrants they have been trying to get their C's. In order to get their C's they have to move outside of Sydney. We will anxiously be awaiting a call today to know if they will be allowed to stay for their baptism. They have everything packed. If they can't be baptized this Saturday they will be baptized in Adelaide which will still be great! :) It was really hard hearing the news at first but i know this will be a blessing for them because now Rajen will have a steady job and they will be able to pay for their home. I'm out of time! The computed is going to shut off in 2 minutes! I love you all! There were heaps of miracles this week and i wish i could tell you all of them! I sent a lot of pictures this week! 


Pics 1-3: Happy Birthday Nathaniel and DUD from my companion and i!
Pic 4: Cutest little girl in my ward. She came and taught with us a couple weeks ago! If she doesnt fight with her siblings for a week she gets to go to the movies. A month she gets a 100 bucks. A year she gets a car. 

Pic 5: Our cute little investigators

Pic 7: This is Bishop's family. We ate with them for the first time which is a miracle because i dont know how long it's been since they've had the missionaries over. Maybe 10 months?

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