Monday, October 12, 2015

Would you like a cup of Milo?

Hello! I want to share a couple miracles this week and talk a little bit about our investigators that i love so so much. :)

Early this week we were contacting a potential named Grace that we had met at the park a couple P-days ago. In the phone i typed in Grace not realizing that there were 2 Graces. We accidentally called a Grace who had been a former investigator. The cool thing is we set up an appointment with her and she told us that it was a huge miracle that we called her because she had lost our contact and had been wanting to meet with the missionaries! We've already met with her twice! (She said a 10 minute prayer (no joke) thanking Heavenly Father for sending us and asking that we would baptized thousands and millions)! 
Ok, also right as we were walking in to email today we ran into Sella! She told us that she is half way through the Book of Mormon and she is reading it with Martine! :)

One more miracle. It was getting towards the end of the day and we decided that we should go visit the Nair family. They are less-actives. They've been for a while. We knocked 3 times but no one answered. We really felt like we needed to visit them thought so we decided to say a prayer on the doorstep. After our prayer we waited with faith that they would open the door, but nothing happened! So we started writing a note and THEY OPENED THE DOOR! We shared a message with them and they invited us back to eat on Sunday! They came to General Conference and Sister Nair had a spiritual experience!

Ok the Sureskumar family is doing great! Pray for them! We actually got to talk with Sithras mum and she is supportive! :) 

Emma, Ebony's mum is doing great too! She has been coming to Relief Society dance practices! 

We started teaching a girl named Jasmine and her Dad is LA. But her Dad's name is Elvis Presley which is super cool. 

Those are the mains, please pray for them :)

Ebony and Deborah are doing great! This week Ebony asked questions about being married in the temple and what she can do so her entire family can be there beside her and her mum. She talks as if her mum is already a member. It's so cute! 

But my favorite part about his week was General Conference. I have never loved General Conference more! I feasted on every word. The spirit was so strong. I really love how the Church is the same across the entire world. My testimony has been strengthened so much this week. Countless spiritual experiences. I know that my testimony is MY testimony. I don't even want to imagine my life without it or without my mission. I actually went into conference with 5 questions that i had written down. I took notes throughout the whole thing. After Conference i went through my notes and my questions had been answered in countless talks. And i actually got super specific answers. Holland and Nelson got me sooooo stoked to be a mum! I think my favorite talk was by Larry R. Lawrence. 

"We don't need to be more of anything to become the person we want to become! We don't have to be perfect, but we need to be good at getting better."

I also loved the Women's Conference. and how Sister Wixom talked about the 2 important days in a girls life. 1. the day she was born and 2. The day she finds out why.

I am finding out why on my mission and i love it! I love being a missionary and i love you!!!



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