Monday, January 4, 2016

The only way to win is to lose

Wow this week i just can't even put into words! Ok so update on the Tipiwai family! Yesterday was one for the records, the entire Tipiwai family came to church, they came in a pack of 12! It was so beautiful! I will never forget that sight! So we were talking to the grandchildren about who would want to baptized them and they wanted their grandfather to! He has been Inactive for a while and just recently started coming back, but we asked him and guess what? He wants to! He said that he needs to get back into church though! So we are going over tonight for FHE and one of the ward council members is coming with us on Wednesday to sort things out! I really want to make things happen! I've been fasting because i know we need the Lord's help! This family is ready. It is the time right now!  Also, church switched to 9:00 so we knew it would be hard to get Emma to come but She and Ebony came! She also has recently been staying for the other meetings as well which is great! Emma is still overcoming the WOW. The next date that we extend to her, we want to make sure it happens. The ward is ready for her to become a member as well! We just want to make things happen! I know that conversion takes time and every investigator is different! I could honestly stay in the pool for my entire mission and be immensely happy. President has joked about that but i really would!! 

I hope everyone made goals this week! I actually hadn't received a priesthood blessing yet on my mission aside from the departure from the MTC. Pondering about going into the New Year and the 5th transfer here I felt prompted to receive one! So i did! The blessing was so inspired. In it i was told to make and set goals! It also talked a lot about my future family which i wasn't expecting and it talked about my investigators! SOoo my Goal for this year is to Give my Will to God. You know that scripture that talks about how when you lose yourself you find yourslef? Well i want to lose myself and i know i will do that if i give my will to GOD. The only way to win is to lose! It's funny because when we give back to God we are actually just returning everything that he has already given us. The only thing that we can truly give to him as a gift is our WILL. I also made spiritual, emotional, and physical goals as well but that is my overall goal! I just love how we can ALWAYS progress! I started a miracle Journal and have really enjoyed writing down miracles that i see every day. I read an article about smiling to the blind. It related to miracles and talked about how we just need to open our eyes and we will see them. We can see them TODAY. I love you all so much!

Sister Jacobsen

P.s. Somebody slashed our tires this week along with 5 other cars on the block so guess who is tire changing worthy? Yup it's me! It was actually really fun, and our neighbors are so nice and a bunch of them totally came and helped us! The people are so nice here! 

Also, we are half back on bus! The elders now have the car. I lasted a transfer without giving it to them but now i have lost the fight because the AP's said we will be sharing with the other sisters! I am still working on my humility and prayed for forgiveness for being stubborn! But the BUS is great! I forgot how much i loved it! The only reason why we wanted to keep the car was so that we could see more of our investigators! I will send pictures next week!! Love you heaps!

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