Monday, January 11, 2016

Bats and Roaches

My Dearest Family,

I have no time to write. I apologize, but what's new? A couple of really quick updates! Emma received her interview with President Gomez and it was very positive, we still need to talk with her more about how it went! The Tipiwais are really excited for their baptisms, we are still working with Brother Tipiwai, they came again this week and President Back got to meet them. Oh how i love him. He decided to tag along to our ward! They are the BEST NOT THE BACK! We believe Bishop pulled Brother Tipiwai out of Gospel Principles class and interviewed him. We are having dinner with Bishop's family on Wednesday so we will talk to him then! The work is great and i never want to leave.

Update, there are bats, spiders, and cockroaches.  Last night i captured a flying roach and i set it free off the balcany of our flat. Our Neighbor Mick just laughed at me. We accidentally almost went to the sydney opera house on the bus! Have you ever tried making homeade popcorn with coconut oil? It's the best! TRY IT! Today we are going to a tongan farm for P-day! I am way stoked. I AM 10 PAGES AWAY FROM FINISHING THE BOOK OF MORMON! The book is true. I pray time and time again and i get the same answer. I love you all!


P.S. John 14:27

P.S. Ether chapter 12 is great

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