Monday, November 23, 2015

It is Hot

Australian Updates: This week we hit 42 C which is 114 F in America. It. was. hot. But on the bright side (it was too bright) everyone offered us ice blocks (Popsicles) and whenever it is raining or super hot people feel bad for you so they let you in! 

Jonah Lomu died! I guess he is a really well-know Rugby player. He is actually LDS and is related to the Simpsons in our ward! 

Smile moments: This week we had a lesson with a family we are teaching and we found out that they are still praying to the Hindu Gods. It was heart-breaking. They want to be baptized, but they need to be truly converted. There has been a lot of concerns that we have had to tackle with this family. So it was kind of a sad lesson but at the end of the lesson when i went to pick up my bag i realized that little baby hendry pooped on my bag. It made me laugh! Also i ate bones this week! The members in the home did it so i didn't want to be rude.

This week was great because i decided to do a spiritual evaluation this morning. I looked at how i had grown just within this last week and wow my mind was blown. I want to share a couple of things i learned. So i realized that we come to earth to progress.We couldn't progress any more in the pre-earth life. I believe we were put into our unique families to learn from each one of them and to ultimately help us to progress. I know Lauren is my Sister because i need to learn something from her to progress and i need to learn something from Nate to progress and Mum and Dad and Brad. I don't know if this is making sense to anyone, but we don't just stumble across the people in our life for no reason. Every one is a part of the plan. Everyone has something to offer to your life. Whether it be good or bad. 

Ok also, we have been doing a lot of Object lessons. I want to share one. We will be going on an imaginary plane ride. Passengers, please fasten your seat belts. Ok you pretend like you just took off. Passengers our right wing has just blown out... stay calm. Passengers, our left wing has just blown out.. stay calm. Passengers we will be crashing. We have assembled an emergency package where we will put letters for your loved ones. You have 2 minutes to write a letter. 

So i went through this experience. I wrote my letter to the ones i cared about and loved. They collected my letter and they then related it to how in the scriptures these prophets wrote their last words for us. Then the Pilot ripped up our letters right in front of us. My heart hurt! The pilot could tell i was upset. But i realized that is like when we don't read the scriptures. Do we really cherrish the scriptures? 

Sorry i am so rushed, the computer is shutting off! I love you all!


p.S. Look up Jer 1:8 and Joshua 1:9

If you want to be happy, BE -Tolstoy

She understood who she was and whose she was -Elaine Dalton

The spirit speaks to us everyday, we just need to listen!

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