Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Week in the MTC

Hey everyone! So i have so much to say but i know its impossible to say it all so ill try to fit as much in as possible! :) So Wednesday morning after i said goodbye to my sweet fam bam i waited to board onto the plane. A man came up to me and asked are you going back to school or are you going on a mission? He ended up being a bishop from Utah! He was so sweet and was able to comfort me after saying goodbye to you guys! So then I met my plane mate named Kevin! At first i thought it was going ot be a quiet plane ride but we ended up talking the entire time! He was interested to hear about my mission. He ended up being a devoted catholic haha. But it was a cool missionary experience right off the bat! So then i had a sweet lunch with Aunt JIll. We had the Habit and she dropped me off at the curb. After the curb i experienced a wave of emotions! The first thing they did was give me my name tag! YAYYY! I have been so excited to wear it! Then i was told my companion was sister Johnson!I was sooo happy! 

Sister Johnson and i met at BYUI and we were both hoping and praying to be comps! So my roommates are both going to Sydney, Australia as well! Sister Salts is from Hawaii and she is soo sweet! Sister Zekete is from south Africa, at first i think she was experiencing a bit of culture shock because she was really quiet and stern at first but now we are all so close! I have a little book i write down of funny things she says. She's hilarious and sister Johnson and i can always get her to laugh! So the first two days she was waking up at 4:45 and turning on the light because i think it's different in her culture but i think all of us were just too nice to say anything haha. But on the third day we all sat down and had a nice little chat. Now we are all waking  up at 6:30 and it is great!The schedule is insane! Every minute of the day i am schedule to be doing something! I wake up at 6:30 and go to breakfast at 7:00 come back around 9:30 and get to bed at like 10:15, say my super long prayers and then go to sleep! I pray at least 15 times a day. At first i think the change and adjustment were a little hard and i was a little unsure about how i was going to survive but now i couldn't imagine being anywhere else or being any happier! I know I've only been in the MTC for less than a week but it feels like i've legit been here for over a month! It's a party. Its like EFY but wayyyy better! 

So i found a m**** (rodent) in my room and it was awful because that is the single most scary creature ever to walk this earth (at least to me). Sister Johnson and I were called as sister zone leaders! Our district is the first district to be a district of all Sisters Ever! SOOOO COOL RIGHT? Sister hamilton shared a super cool story with us! So her patriarchal blessing has 3-4 paragraphs about her mission! Her blessing talks about how she will bless the "lady" missionaries in her district! It was just so cool because she got her blessing when she was 14 and somehow God knew that there would be an all sister missionary district. He really does have a plan for every single one of us. So sister Johnson, Sister Salts and I all got letters saying we are going to be temporarily reassigned! [She is waiting on some final paperwork from the Australian Government associated with her visa] We wont know until Thursday but i am so excited to find out where i am going! It is like  another mission call! I feel like i get to serve three missions and i am so lucky! One in the MTC, one in the states, and one in Australia! So that is cool! Really quick before i forget, there's a good chance i wont be able to email next week because we will be traveling on Tuesday but i will get to call you guys at the airport! So another sister in my district is named sister Bishop! I love her! Sister Bishop Sister Johnson and I all went to Ghana, Africa! Sister Bishop went through the organization World JOY and she went with the Farnes! She said one of the biggest reasons why she chose to serve was because of Sister Farnes! So there are so many cool people at the MTC! I've made lots of friends! I've made friends from all over the world which is so cool! The chocolate milk in the MTC is the BOmb.com. But I've been told to stay away from the OJ. The spirit is so strong at the MTC. i'VE GROWN MORE IN This past week than i have grown in this past year. I've learned that i need to develop more christlike attributes. I have learned that the atonement should be used every hour of every single day. We can find strength through Jesus Christ. I want to develop more christlike attributes! On Sunday i cried at least 10 times because the spirit was so strong! I love you guys and i can't write anymore but write me on Dear Elder!
Love sister Jacobsen

P.s. I've started to sing hymns in the shower with another sister. Don't worry lauren i am not weird its just a good way to have the spirit with you!

P.p.s. right before i walked in here to email we met a nonmember and he asked us about the gospel and the spirit was so strong and we taught him an entire lesson and we are getting special permission to teach him while we are in the MTC! SO COOL RIGHT?

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